Cool Village
Info / Instructions
This is just a concept. NPC's will give you some tips. Every hour the NPC's change. Stores close after 10PM.
Use city hall for licenses. Buy a pick to mine, make sure to process the ore.
If you commit crime like robbing a store or murder you will be put in jail.
Bounty Hunters can hunt bounties. 20% chance your bounty will appear when you leave a building.
Make sure to have a gun if you fight a bounty :) Goto police station to pick up reward.
WASD to Move!!
Current Version: 0.3b

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I've been working on an online version of this game. Talk about it here.


+Fridge in your house works
+Store now sells food for your fridge
+You can now move furniture in your house#use your right mouse button to move furniture.
-NPC's no longer stop walking.
+You can now die of hunger/exhaust so make sure you eat and sleep.
+There is now a save button at your house.
-Bed can be used to recover energy.
-AK47 and Shotgun changed to (COMING SOON)

+Stock Market - Buy and sell stocks. It's not complete, but it works.
+Car works now. Use it to get to stock market
+Player now rotates when he walks
-You now have to be near a building to walk into it.
~ AK47 and Shot Gun still do not work.

+Super Cuts - Change hairstyle
+Fashion Bug - Change clothes
+Plastic Surgery - Change face
+Save / Load Feature
+Title Screen

~Updated Gun Shop - The two new guns don't work her.
~Updated Buy A Car
+8 New Cars
+2 New Guns
+Ability to turn music & sound off.